I have setup this Blog to let you know about what’s happening in the EASYDSLR world. I will be adding articles with Photography Tips and Gear recommendations. I will also talk about any comments or questions that are coming up from current EASYDSLR members or those who are interested.

You may not be aware of my other Blog called DigitalPhotoCentral.com

At DigitalPhotoCentral I have:

  • Review articles on Photography Gear
  • Galleries to inspire you to get your Camera out
  • Some tips and Techniques for better photos

Most of my future Photo Tips will be posted to this BLOG as they are more directly related to the EASYDSLR Digital Photography Course.

About The Author


Photographer and creator of EASYDLSR Digital Photography Course. Owner of DigitalPhotoCentral.com - published free DSLR Buyer's Guide to help beginners choose their new camera.