Flowers from the South of France

That’s probably going to be the title of Elsa’s book in future when she documents her flowers – it will be in French though.

Elsa Hagen is from the South of France and is using her new found Photography skills to document the Flowers in her garden. She is new to DSLR Photography and I decided to share her experience with EASYDSLR course.

“Your tutorials were essential to me in that they insightfully taught me – by way of a systematic approach –  the very basics of photography… I’m a newbie in photography (never shoot pictures before) and last year, a friend of mine introduced me to photography by shooting macro photographs of flowers in my garden ; later, he drew my attention to your tutorials…
My “experience” in photography is actually very limited : in March 2012, I went twice through your “DSLR Overview” and “DSLR Basics” + the tutorials “Better portraits”  and “macro photos”… and that’s it for the theoretical part…. up until now. At the same time, step by step, I began  testing my camera (Canon EOS Rebel 450D) and shooting pictures giving priority to aperture – focus and DOF. Your tutorials about the latter features were crucial for me, since  my eventual goal is to make a documentary of the flowers in my garden in the South of France during the 4 seasons….
I feel thankful to you, Ken,for having given me a clear insight in the essentials of photography that  is now becoming a long, passionate adventure for me.
Best regards,
Elsa Hagen


I wish Elsa the best of wishes with her Photography and her flowers.

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