Blue Membership Topics

As a Blue Member You will discover:


  • What Essential Items you need in your DSLR Kit
  • The Photo Triangle – my secret weapon to explaining the Basics
  • To Compose better Photos using the same Principles DaVinci, Botticelli, Van Gogh and many more used
  • How to use Auto Focus Points to create better Composition
  • What Crop Factor has to do with Framing your Subject
  • The importance of Lens Choice and Focal Length
  • Exposure and ISO and why it matters
  • How to get off AUTO
  • A powerful Tool – in your camera – that ensures perfect Exposure
  • How Aperture effects your photos
  • Creative use of Shutter Speed
  • 2 causes of Motion Blur … how to ‘use them’ or ‘lose them’

  • Pan Method of enhancing Speed in your Photos
  • Introduction to Exposure Compensation and Bracketing
  • Why we need White Balance
  • What is Light Temperature … why it’s useful
  • Using White Balance Shift
  • How to set Custom White Balance
  • My Best Method for using Autofocus Points
  • Hybrid Auto/Manual Focus Method
  • What is Depth of Field
  • 3 Main Effects on Depth of Field
  • How to Isolate your Subject
  • 3 Main situations to use Flash … it’s not just for Night Shots
  • The best Tool for better Flash Photos
  • and more…
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Instant Access to Over 4 Hours of Online Training including 12 Online Training Videos in the following modules:

  • DSLR Overview (2 Videos) – What’s a DSLR? and DSLR Essentials.
  • DSLR Basics (10 Videos) – Composition, Exposure – Intro and ISO, Exposure – Aperture, Exposure – Shutter Speed. White Balance Basics and Custom White Balance. Focusing Basics and Depth of Field. Flash Basics and Flash Diffusers.
That’s over 4 Hours of Online Video Training to give you all the Basics you need to take dramatically better photos with your DSLR. Actual Value = $149

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Blue Membership has all the Essential Videos to take your photos to the next level. I have made a lot of effort so it’s easy and quick for you to start taking better photos.

The total Blue Membership course is just over 4 Hours of videos – but you have Lifetime Access so NO Rush – NO overwhelm!

The Videos will take the mystery out of DSLR photography and get you taking Professional Quality Photos in a really short time without doing a Degree in Photography.

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Ken Schultz

Ken Schultz

Photographer and DSLR Coach

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"After stumbling through random and conflicting online resources, my wife bought me your course for my birthday. I really appreciate how you take these concepts and make them simple and approachable, and take the time to go through examples; you are a real pleasure to watch and listen to. You're a fantastic teacher, and now I am completely in love with my camera..."
James Young - EasyDSLR Member

"The material is delivered in a clear, easy to understand way. I have just bought a new Nikon D800 - and picked up the manual yesterday - I was amazed at how much I actually understood. I have never even opened a previous manual as it was just too daunting! Thank you Ken for a very easy to follow course, that made complete sense along the way."
Kayla Christie - EasyDSLR Member

"Your choice of topics and clarity of explanations were excellent. I've needed to go nowhere else.."
Peter Davies - EasyDSLR Member

"The content is well organized and well paced. Ken does a great job at teaching you what you need to know."
Jim Hopkinson - EasyDSLR Member

"I'm always happy to get more than what I bargained for and this course certainly fits that bill... I appreciated the comparison shots Ken took to show the effects of different settings and lighting, and I felt that the WB portion was done particularly well... Thank you so much for such a well-organized and informative course."
Melissa Houseal - EasyDSLR Member

"...reinvigorated my desire to go beyond the auto menus and gave clear explanations about the technology and terminology of modern DSLR's. I feel much more confident to try new settings and experiment with flash. Canon users will find it especially useful, as many examples use Canon cameras, but non Canon users will find it equally accessible."
Chris McKernan - EasyDSLR Member

"Phenomenal. This course has opened my eyes so much. I was clueless I see about taking pictures. And I guess at 50 you still are not too old to learn. I am so happy I signed up for this course."
Tammy Joyce - EasyDSLR Member

"Having taken several photography courses, I can sincerely say that this course is a great course for any newbie... The best thing about this course is Ken Schultz is REALLY there to answer all your queries promptly so it doesn’t feel like you’re just reading a manual."
Hubert Cosico - EasyDSLR Member

"This beginner's course really gave me a strong foundation in starting digital photography. I would recommend this course to other beginners like me for it provides further understanding of the important factors in digital photography such as composition, exposure, focus and so on. Thank you Ken!."
Joseph del Rosario - EasyDSLR Member

"This is a must see course. It covers all the basics and more... I highly recommend this course and now I am ready to take my camera off auto mode and get the professional looking pictures I always wanted."

Darell Cheeks - EasyDSLR Member

"Enjoyable and useful course–highly recommend it. Good teacher, great class. Thanks Ken."
JC Watkins - EasyDSLR Member

"This course covers all I needed to know to understand most of the main functions of my DSLR! The rest will come with experience…"
Pierre LeBlanc - EasyDSLR Member

"Great for beginners like myself! I bought a Canon 60D last fall... This course covered all I needed to get off the auto settings!
I can highly recommend this course for geeks like myself... This geek has found that his newest gadget is capable of so much more, now that its secrets has been revealed!"
Peter Thode - EasyDSLR Member

"Great course. I have spent some time scouring youtube for beginner tips and tricks for shooting with DSLR’s, but none of the content I found was as thorough as this course. Ken explained everything so I could understand, and I really appreciated all of the live examples and demonstrations."
Azaad Kukha-Bryson - EasyDSLR Member

"Your way of teaching really rocks... slowly but surely... and precise... easy to understand the basics of digital photography.... Thanks a lot and more power."
Danilo Villamors - EasyDSLR Member

"Loving this teaching Ken! I’m so appreciative that you took the initiative to pioneer this method of teaching. It’s safe to say I’m addicted for want of a better word. I’m soaking in all this wisdom and knowledge. Just can’t wait to get my 60d now!"
Andy Rose UK - Gold Member

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