Who is this Course for?

This Course is for DSLR Camera users who want to take better photos…

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  • Without getting a Degree in Photography
  • Without wading though a tedious 400 page photography book
  • Without spending 3 months stringing together knowledge from 50 websites and Youtube channels

This site is NOT for Professional Photographers (generally) – Although I do have some Professional Photographers that have picked up some tips – like Colin from New Zealand (see Testimonials).

If you want to know how to take better Photos you need a few basic Principles in Photography. Getting the basics in layman’s terms with a minimum of jargon will not only help your photos but your DSLR camera won’t seem so daunting.

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In Your 3 Free Videos you’ll Discover:

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  • The Trick to Capturing Unexpected events
  • The Composition Secret that can improve your photos overnight. (Hint: Da Vinci and the Ancient Greek Architects knew this one!)
  • Why DSLR Cameras can take your Photos to the Next level

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Improving your Photos

“Why are so many people frustrated trying to get great photos with their DSLR cameras?”

My Theory…

DSLR Cameras have become very affordable – practically mainstream!

Before: they were expensive and generally bought only by those who were Photographers already. They knew the principles and were often just upgrading from Film SLR Cameras. All that was required was to learn the quirks and tricks with Digital.

Now: you can buy a DSLR at Target, Costco, Best Buy and many other places (online and off). Places where regular folks and not just Photographers shop. The price combined with all the Advertising that DSLR Cameras lead to better photos has created a whole lot of DSLR owners.  It’s true they DO take better Photos but you need the know-how. Most are not armed with the Photography Background to use them to their full potential – or half their potential!

That’s where the frustration comes in.

But all is not lost – the gap in knowledge – the photography basics – can be taught. That’s why I created EASYDSLR Digital Photography Course.

It’s a combination of the essential Basics, some interesting advanced topics and recommendations for the right gear for the right situation.

Combine right Gear, right Know-How and the Opportunity and you have a Great Photo.

Most DSLR owners have the right gear  (minus a few useful accessories) and just need the Know-How.

The aim of EASYDSLR is to give that knowledge and a touch of inspiration.

You are welcome to watch my free intro videos first .. after all .. you may not be sure that my style of presentation suits you or not.

EasyDSLR Online Photography Course comes in 2 Levels: Blue and Gold.

If you are eager to see what video training is included in each course please go to our products comparison page (also – you can get there by clicking on “Products” in the navigation Menu at the top).

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