EASYDSLR Membership Levels

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These are the Videos you get in each Membership Level. For all the basics Blue membership will get you there – to unleash your creativity further choose Gold Membership.
EasyDSLR Membership Levels
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[three_columns_1]100% Guarantee[/three_columns_1] [three_columns_2]Blue Membership
Actual Value = $149


[/three_columns_2] [three_columns_3]Gold Membership
Actual Value = $324




I have compared the *gems* you will discover in Blue and Gold Membership below:

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As a Blue Member You will discover:

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  • What Essential Items you need in your DSLR Kit
  • The Photo Triangle – my secret weapon to explaining the Basics
  • To Compose better Photos using the same Principles DaVinci, Botticelli, Van Gogh and many more used
  • How to use Auto Focus Points to create better Composition
  • What Crop Factor has to do with Framing your Subject
  • The importance of Lens Choice and Focal Length
  • Exposure and ISO and why it matters
  • How to get off AUTO
  • A powerful Tool - in your camera – that ensures perfect Exposure
  • How Aperture effects your photos
  • Creative use of Shutter Speed
  • 2 causes of Motion Blur … how to ‘use them’ or ‘lose them’
  • Pan Method of enhancing Speed in your Photos
  • Introduction to Exposure Compensation and Bracketing
  • Why we need White Balance
  • What is Light Temperature … why it’s useful
  • Using White Balance Shift
  • How to set Custom White Balance
  • My Best Method for using Autofocus Points
  • Hybrid Auto/Manual Focus Method
  • What is Depth of Field
  • 3 Main Effects on Depth of Field
  • How to Isolate your Subject
  • 3 Main situations to use Flash … it’s not just for Night Shots
  • The best Tool for better Flash Photos
  • and more…

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As a Gold Member – go beyond the basics!

You will discover All these Plus a bunch of Extras like:

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  • Key Elements to getting Better Portraits
  • The MOST important setting in Night Photos and How to use it.
  • The Tools and Tricks to get Great Nature Photos
  • An Effective and Affordable Macro Photo solution
  • How to get Predictable lighting in Macro Photos
  • The MOST important setting in Macro Photos
  • What is HDRI and the amazing results you can get
  • How to take and process Images for HDRI
  • How to set up a Time Lapse sequence
  • Key Settings and Equipment for Time Lapse sequences
  • Tips for Processing your Time Lapse sequences into Video
  • Explanation of Image Formats
  • Key ways that you can improve your Photos on the computer
  • Basic Image Editing using Photoshop and free software
  • Levels and Curves explained
  • Benefits of DSLR HD Video
  • The Best Settings for DSLR HD Video
  • Essential items for ‘filming’ in Bright Daylight
  • Affordable equipment to get Cinematic HD Video
  • and more…

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