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I want to thank my wife, Regan, for helping me out with this video. As Regan mentioned in the video, I ‘filmed’ all these introduction videos with a DSLR – my Canon 60D camera – in case you were having any doubts about the quality you can get from DSLR cameras.

Hopefully, I have given you enough information about myself and inspired you to take your photos to the next level. If you are stuck on AUTO and know that you are not utilizing your Camera to it’s Potential – then the choice is simple.

As a Beginner – learning how to use a DSLR Camera can be daunting.
I know a lot of friends and family who have bought these cameras and have not moved off “Auto” – and some of them have had their cameras for over a year!

It’s nothing to be ashamed of – without some background in Photography these cameras are not easy to use.

It’s EASY to get average photos.

But why pay $500+ on equipment to get average photos?

– you got your DSLR camera to get Great photos!

The problem is: Somehow you need some Photo Basics.

You need to remove the huge wall between You and the Magic you can create with your Camera.

What are your Choices?

You could go through a bunch of “mind numbingly” boring Photography books (to be fair there are some good ones out there).

You could try learn Photography from your Camera Manual – Scary Thought!

You could spend months collecting all the information from all over the internet.

[content_box_yellow width=”75%”]”I have been trying to take good photograph for a while now. I have learned more with your videos than all the youtube videos. Rating from 1 to 10 you get a 11.” Bobby – Gold Member

“If you are like me you have taken and interest in photography. You bought your first DSLR body and a few lens but frankly don’t really know how to utilize your options. You have combed through countless forums and looked at dozens of youtube videos with no great success.” Hollis – Gold Member[/content_box_yellow]

You could spend thousands of dollars on a Photography Degree.

But, why not sit back and discover all you need to know to get better photos…

  • in one convenient membership site – without the stress of hunting all around the internet!
  • in easy to ‘digest’ and entertaining videos – Yes, that means layman terms NOT total jargon.
  • at a totally affordable price? – less than the price of a Cheap Prime Lens!

[features_box_blue width=”75%” + border=”2px”]Let’s look at the typical numbers for a moment…

Decent Camera, a couple of lenses and Accessories = $1000+

Learning How to actually use it to get Better Photos = Priceless!

Joining this Course and ‘getting there’ = only $127 (or Blue for $47)

A small Price to Pay to use your camera to it’s potential.


I am confident that my Course will get you taking better Photos in a short time. I have a unique way of explaining Photography and how to use DSLR cameras – it’s not something that’s easy to describe. A lot of members have found my teaching style makes it easy for them to understand what they need to take better photos. Also, I have my ‘secret weapon‘ – the Photo Triangle: a way of “connecting all the dots”. It gives you a bird’s-eye view of the concepts so you can see how the settings work together to create a great photo.

[content_box_yellow width=”75%”]”He explains things very simply so that even a complete beginner like me can understand. My photos have gotten better just practicing the techniques after just the very first video.” Hollis – Gold Member

“Watching your videos has re-acquainted me with many basic photographic techniques but more importantly has made topics like white balance comprehensible. Thanks for the very clear explanations.” Dick – Gold Member (upgraded from Blue)

“I like the pace of the teaching as well as the content. I’m looking forward to working through the course.” Mike – Gold Member

“Awesome video’s – your explanations are so clear and easy to follow along with” Joanne – Gold Member

“I am now moving away from Auto, AV and TV modes and more to using manual mode and I am getting more adventurous in how and what I photograph. I have noticed a vast improvement in my photos.” Geoff – Gold Member

“It makes it easier to understand the art of photography. for a mature age student. I am having fun with my new toy!” Diane – Gold Member

NOTE: Full Testimonials at the bottom of this page.


The course is Online and you get Lifetime Membership to go through the training at Your pace. You are also protected by a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

I have compared the *gems* you will discover in Blue and Gold Membership below:

For all the basics Blue membership will get you there – to unleash your creativity further choose Gold Membership.

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[two_columns_1]As a Blue Member You will discover:

[green_tick_2_list width=”100%”]

  • What Essential Items you need in your DSLR Kit
  • The Photo Triangle – my secret weapon to explaining the Basics
  • To Compose better Photos using the same Principles DaVinci, Botticelli, Van Gogh and many more used
  • How to use Auto Focus Points to create better Composition
  • What Crop Factor has to do with Framing your Subject
  • The importance of Lens Choice and Focal Length
  • Exposure and ISO and why it matters
  • How to get off AUTO
  • A powerful Tool – in your camera – that ensures perfect Exposure
  • How Aperture effects your photos
  • Creative use of Shutter Speed
  • 2 causes of Motion Blur … how to ‘use them’ or ‘lose them’
  • Pan Method of enhancing Speed in your Photos
  • Introduction to Exposure Compensation and Bracketing
  • Why we need White Balance
  • What is Light Temperature … why it’s useful
  • Using White Balance Shift
  • How to set Custom White Balance
  • My Best Method for using Autofocus Points
  • Hybrid Auto/Manual Focus Method
  • What is Depth of Field
  • 3 Main Effects on Depth of Field
  • How to Isolate your Subject
  • 3 Main situations to use Flash … it’s not just for Night Shots
  • The best Tool for better Flash Photos
  • and more…

[/two_columns_1] [two_columns_2]

As a Gold Member – go beyond the basics!

You will discover All these Plus a bunch of Extras like:

[green_tick_2_list width=”100%”]

  • Key Elements to getting Better Portraits
  • The MOST important setting in Night Photos and How to use it.
  • The Tools and Tricks to get Great Nature Photos
  • An Effective and Affordable Macro Photo solution
  • How to get Predictable lighting in Macro Photos
  • The MOST important setting in Macro Photos
  • What is HDRI and the amazing results you can get
  • How to take and process Images for HDRI
  • How to set up a Time Lapse sequence
  • Key Settings and Equipment for Time Lapse sequences
  • Tips for Processing your Time Lapse sequences into Video
  • Explanation of Image Formats
  • Key ways that you can improve your Photos on the computer
  • Basic Image Editing using Photoshop and free software
  • Levels and Curves explained
  • Benefits of DSLR HD Video
  • The Best Settings for DSLR HD Video
  • Essential items for ‘filming’ in Bright Daylight
  • Affordable equipment to get Cinematic HD Video
  • and more…


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Aside from over 10 Hours of Online Training (Gold Membership) or just over 4 Hours (Blue Membership) and Lifetime Access to your Videos you will also have the benefit of a Community of Members who you can interact with (through the Comment system under each Video).

The Secure Order Form below gives you a full list of the Videos in each Membership level of EASYDLSR Digital Photography Course. Please use a valid email when entering your payment details – so you can receive your login details.

[content_box_yellow width=”75%”]Please note: Gold Members – If you choose the Payments Option your Membership videos will be Unlocked gradually so from Week 5 to 8 you will notice that new Menu items and Videos will appear magically on your membership pages.

Single Payment Gold Members will have ALL videos Available Instantly and HD Downloads[/content_box_yellow]

[secure_order_form_box_2][headline_arial_small_left color=”#000000″]Blue Membership which includes -[/headline_arial_small_left]
(Please Note: The DVD Icons are to represent the Videos – you will not receive a Physical Product)

Instant Access to Over 4 Hours of Online Training including 13 Online Training Videos in the following modules:

  • DSLR Overview (2 Videos) – What’s a DSLR? and DSLR Essentials.
  • DSLR Basics (10 Videos) – Composition, Exposure – Intro and ISO, Exposure – Aperture, Exposure – Shutter Speed. White Balance Basics and Custom White Balance. Focusing Basics and Depth of Field. Flash Basics and Flash Diffusers.
[/green_tick_1_list_small]That’s over 4 Hours of Online Video Training to give you all the Basics you need to take dramatically better photos with your DSLR. Actual Value = $149

You can get $149  worth of Training for Only $97 $67 for a Limited Time.

[headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#000000″]OR[/headline_arial_medium_centered]

[headline_arial_small_left color=”#000000″]Gold Membership which includes -[/headline_arial_small_left]

(Please Note: The DVD Icons are to represent the Videos – you will not receive a Physical Product)

Instant Access to Over 10 Hours of Online Training: 13 Online Training Videos over from Blue Membership and an Additional 12 videos in the following modules:


  • Let’s get Creative (6 Videos) – Better Portraits, Night Photos and Nature. Macro Photos, HDR Imaging and Time Lapse.
  • Image Editing (4 Videos) – Image Formats, Basic Editing and Advanced Editing. BONUS: Photoshop Actions Video
  • DSLR Video (2 Videos) – DSLR Video Introduction and Video Basics.
[/green_tick_1_list_small]That’s over 10 Hours of Online Video Training Total to give you all the Basics to take dramatically better photos with your DSLR and take you Beyond the Basics to more advanced Creative shooting. Actual Value = $149 (Blue Member Videos) + $175 (Gold Member Videos) = Total Value $324

$324 worth of Training for Only $324 $127  for a Limited Time.

Click the “Buy Now” Button below to receive Instant Access to All these Videos and to download HD (720p) Versions

Enter Coupon Code:

Please Note: You will get Instant Access to All the Online Videos and be able to Download HD (1280×720 resolution) versions for watching on your Personal Computer or Devices.  HD Downloads is included ONLY to Gold Members who buy using this Single Payment option.

Also: These Video Files are large so a reasonable Internet Connection is required for Download. Also, a computer or Device capable of playing 720p (1280×720) MP4 Video files is required.

I realize that you may be interested in Gold Membership but it’s a little out of your reach to pay in one lump sum – so I have arranged a Payment Plan

(Please Note: This will be one payment of $47 to get instant access then 2 monthly payments of $47).


[guarantee_box_1 title=”Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee” ]If you are not totally satisfied with your DSLR course membership I will refund you – No questions asked. You get a Full 2 Months to go through the Videos and upgrade your Photography knowledge. If you go through the Video training You will be taking better photos and have more understanding of DSLR photography. If you feel that you have not improved your photos and knowledge about DSLR photography in that time you can get a Full refund. [/guarantee_box_1]

I really want to help you take your photos to the next level. I have made a lot of effort so it’s easy and quick for you to start taking better photos.

The total course has less that half a day of videos – but you have Lifetime Access so NO Rush - NO overwhelm!

The Videos will take the mystery out of DSLR photography and get you taking Professional Quality Photos in a really short time without doing a Degree in Photography.

Hopefully I will see you in the Membership Area!

Talk to you soon.


Ken Schultz

Ken Schultz

Photographer and DSLR Coach

P.S. Ready to Join us? Just Choose a “Buy Now” Option above (don’t forget to enter any valid Coupon Code for Gold Membership).

[text_bar_1 background=”#444444″ + width=”100%”]Full Testimonials[/text_bar_1]

[testimonial3 author=”James Young – EasyDSLR Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/JamesYoung.jpg”]”I managed to scrape together enough money for a DSLR camera when my son was born last fall, and although I have a lot of experience with image editing (GIMP), I was clueless with cameras. After stumbling through random and conflicting online resources, my wife bought me your course (both) for my birthday. I really appreciate how you take these concepts and make them simple and approachable, and take the time to go through examples; you are a real pleasure to watch and listen to. You’re a fantastic teacher, and now I am completely in love with my camera…”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Jim Hopkinson – EasyDSLR Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/Jim.jpg”]”The content is well organized and well paced. Ken does a great job at teaching you what you need to know.” http://www.jimhopkinson.com/[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Melissa Houseal – EasyDSLR Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/Melissa.jpg”]”I’m always happy to get more than what I bargained for and this course certainly fits that bill. As a true DSLR beginner, I have learned a lot more about my camera and about getting the type of shots I want. I appreciated the comparison shots Ken took to show the effects of different settings and lighting, and I felt that the WB portion was done particularly well. I will take the advanced course next, but I know that I will be revisiting concepts from this course often. Thank you so much for such a well-organized and informative course.” http://www.mnicolephotography.smugmug.com/ [/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Kayla Christie – EasyDSLR Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/Kayla.jpg”]”I have previously just messed around with photography, but could never understand f-stops, ISO, shutter speeds, etc, so bumbled my way through on Auto, which was fine, but limiting. I have decided to move into wedding photography, but learning all the technical bits really put me off. I’ve done Ken’s course, and now I get it. The material is delivered in a clear, easy to understand way. I have just bought a new Nikon D800 – and picked up the manual yesterday – I was amazed at how much I actually understood. I have never even opened a previous manual as it was just too daunting! Thank you Ken for a very easy to follow course, that made complete sense along the way. Can’t wait to start your advanced course!”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Hubert Cosico – EasyDSLR Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/hubert.jpg”]”Great introductory course for any newbie! Having taken several photography courses, I can sincerely say that this course is a great course for any newbie. This course allowed me to have a good grasp and understanding what aperture, shutter speed, ISO, depth of field, white balance are and how they work. The Photo Triangle is a great mental picture that visually structures and correlate each element allowing for easy information integration.

The best thing about this course is Ken Schultz is REALLY there to answer all your queries promptly so it doesn’t feel like you’re just reading a manual.”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Joseph del Rosario – EasyDSLR Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/Joseph.jpg”]”This beginner’s course really gave me a strong foundation in starting digital photography. I would recommend this course to other beginners like me for it provides further understanding of the important factors in digital photography such as composition, exposure, focus and so on.

Both basic and advanced tutorials were really educating for a novice photographer like me.

Thank you Ken!.”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”JC Watkins – EasyDSLR Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/juniper.jpg”]”Enjoyable and useful course–highly recommend it. I enjoyed this class tremendously and would recommend it to any beginners who want to improve their photography skills. Although I looked at my camera manual several times, I still didn’t understand the various settings and felt like I was making no progress. Ken’s class enabled me to get off the programmed auto and take better photos. I plan to take his advanced class.

Good teacher, great class. Thanks Ken.”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Pierre LeBlanc – EasyDSLR Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/pierre.jpg”]”This course covers all I needed to know to understand most of the main functions of my DSLR! The rest will come with experience…”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Peter Thode – EasyDSLR Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/peter.jpg”]”Great for beginners like myself!

This course covered all I needed to get off the auto settings! I bought a Canon 60D last fall, and thereby upgraded from a PowerShot to a DSLR. My intentions were to learn to get off the Auto modes and start to have more influence on my photos. I started experimenting with Av and Tv on my own. After playing around for about 4-5 months, I needed some guidance though! I’ve followed Ken’s site and received his newsletters for a while, and found his intro videos. So here I found the guidance I needed. Ken’s course has given me right introduction, tips and tricks, to get down the road to become the photographer I wish to become. It is very down to earth, and Ken is very easygoing.

I can highly recommend this course for geeks like myself that wants to know a bit more about the hi-tech gear they have added to the ever-growing collection. This geek has found that his newest gadget is capable of so much more, now that its secrets has been revealed!

Cheers, I’m off to round two! The advanced course :-)”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Azaad Kukha-Bryson – EasyDSLR Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/azaad.jpg”]

“Great course. I am very new to DSLR photography, and I learnt a whole lot from this course! I have spent some time scouring youtube for beginner tips and tricks for shooting with DSLR’s, but none of the content I found was as thorough as this course. Ken explained everything so I could understand, and I really appreciated all of the live examples and demonstrations.

The course is well organized and covers many basics that have made using the manual mode on my DSLR much easier. Thanks.”[/testimonial3][testimonial3 author=”Darell Cheeks – EasyDSLR Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/Darrell.jpg”]”For those of you just starting out in photography, this is a must see course. It covers all the basics and more. You will learn the in’s and out’s of your camera,camera settings and composition. It also covers how to get the best picture possible in different situations. I highly recommend this course and now I am ready to take my camera off auto mode and get the professional looking pictures I always wanted.

Thank you again for the wonderful tutorial. You really make it easy to understand for a beginner like myself.”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Danilo Villamor – EasyDSLR Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/danilo.jpg”]”Your way of teaching really rocks… slowly but surely… and precise… easy to understand the basics of digital photography. I had less time and effort reviewing and understanding all the lessons. I really enjoy taking  photographs day after day with my acquired skills on the go since I took your course.
Now I am going through the advance course. Thanks a lot and more power.”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Teresa Trimm – EasyDSLR Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/Teresa.jpg”]”Great course for beginners (hence the title of the course!). Thank you so much!!!”[/testimonial3][testimonial3 author=”Andy Rose UK – Gold Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/andy.jpg”]”Really insightful look at these areas Ken. I love how you explain things but also use examples and live application combined with the use of the whiteboard to go further into the detail. I also loved the simple yet something I’d never thought about when playing with exposure, and that’s the silhouette and that the foreground is completely under exposed, yet the background is perfectly balanced. I’d never looked at silhouettes from that perspective before.

Loving this teaching Ken! I’m so appreciative that you took the initiative to pioneer this method of teaching. It’s safe to say I’m addicted for want of a better word. I’m soaking in all this wisdom and knowledge. Just can’t wait to get my 60d now!”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Marina Neophytou – Gold Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/marina.jpg”]”Your course is great, the way that you explain things is very straight forward. your simple approach has helped my understanding of aperture, it just came together and I feel a lot more comfortable around my camera. I find that I experiment with the setting as I was afraid to before.”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Fr. John Quinn S.J. – Gold Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/john.jpg”]”I have scoured the Web for tutorial material I can use in the classroom. Ken Schultz has put together a fabulous Easy DSLR series, and I highly recommend the Gold Member package! It has EXCELLENT introductory material for the Lads in my classes…as well as plenty of relevant info for this ol’ warhorse.”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Elsa – Gold Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/elsa.jpg”]”Your tutorials about the latter features {Focus and DOF} were crucial for me, since my eventual goal is to make a documentary of the flowers in my garden in the South of France during the 4 seasons….I feel thankful to you, Ken,for having given me a clear insight in the essentials of photography that is now becoming a long, passionate adventure for me.”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Jacqueline – Gold Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/Jackie1.jpg”]”I am so in love with these videos !!! They are filling in all the blanks, plus I have a 5D Mark II so the buttons are perfect for my learning. Thanks so much !”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Bobby Oates – Gold Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/bobby.jpg”]”Hello Ken, the most important problem I was needing help with was portrait light and depth of field. Since I joined your course, I’m able to use my flash even outside. I have learned to use manual exposure, flash to freeze water, flash exposure compensation and composition. I have learned the pan method to show speed. You have made me happy to use my camera again.”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Sue – Gold Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/sue.jpg”]”I have watched, taken notes from, learnt and enjoyed your videos. My biggest problem with photography with a DSLR was understanding Aperture and Shutter Speed, and why to move away from the Automatic mode.

For so long I have just used the automatic mode for all my photography, I am now understanding the use of the manual settings, when to use them and how to use them. I do a bit of sports photography and I am now more comfortable experimenting with these settings.

Watching someone explain these things is so much easier than reading it in a book. You certainly helped with my grasp of Aperture and Shutter Speed. It is now up to me to practice these things and being able to come back and review the videos will help me alot.

The subject I found particularly interesting so far ( I have not finished the course yet) is the White Balance section. I never did understand that at all, not having taken any sort of formal photography course, and would always leave that setting on automatic. While it may not be the most important part of photography I found your explanation most informative and something I will keep in mind when taking photos.

What I have seen so far has been brilliant. Each topic is covered in detail, and you don’t rush through in a hurry. I like that you show examples of the photos at different settings, and that you show how to get these settings on the camera.”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Karen – Gold Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/karen.jpg”]”I have just started on the first 3 videos, all were very easy to follow, and presented very professionally and friendly! I have just received my first 3 videos for creative scenarios (gold member) and I am very excited about viewing them. Now its just getting out there and start practicing. The videos have definitely re ignited my love of photography! Thanks Ken!”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Edward – Gold Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/ed.jpg”]“As a newbie to DSLR I was hoping to learn all functions of camera and techniques like depth of field, lighting and tricks on taking professional looking photos. So far your videos have been awesome.”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Jason – Gold Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/jason.jpg”]“Ken’s videos are worth 5 times the cost. Camera’s come and go but knowledge lasts a lifetime. Actually for the first time I’m really getting my money’s worth from my cameras. I’ve heard about and practiced most of the things Ken is teaching us but I never really understood them until now. Maybe I’m just dense or maybe I just needed a good teacher with clear lessons and examples.

I’m grateful to Ken for taking the time and energy to put together such a great series of videos and the people that will be viewing my photos will also be grateful too, even though they won’t know it. ;)”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Julie – Gold Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/julie.jpg”]”As a keen photographer for many years, specialising in band photography, I would like to say how much Ken’s EASYDSLR course has helped me sharpen my skills and renew my enthusiasm.

I purchased the Gold membership package as it contained advanced techniques, such as HDR imaging, and discussed the benefits of flash diffusers, as well as depth of field, custom white balance and using focus points. Some of these topics might seem basic, but having watched Ken at work in these videos, helped highlight areas I previously thought I understood, but suddenly realised I had a lot to learn! The other main drawcard, for me, was the fact Ken uses a Canon 60D, which I recently purchased.

Ken’s presentation style and language is calm, with instructions and terminology that is easy for the beginner or advanced student to take in. Close up footage of the buttons and different functions on the camera are a definite bonus! This is a lifetime one-on-one instructional course that is well worth the money. I have replayed several of the modules over and over, with camera in hand, practiced the tutorials and feel so much more confident with the camera and my own ability to produce some damn fine photos of moving objects (musicians) in very dark venues, without using a flash!”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Diane – Gold Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/Diane.jpg”]”I am really learning and enjoying what I’m learning so far, cant wait for the next video….i would strongly encourage someone to take this course…it makes it easier to understand the art of photography. for a mature age student>>>>i am having fun with my new toy!!!!”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Gracie – Gold Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/gracie.jpg”]”The single most problem I wanted help with was understanding aperture and shutter speed. I just could not get the hang of it so I just kinda worked it on a wing and a prayer. I just kept playing your videos over and over and now I have a much better understanding.

Your help was invaluable.You went above and beyond my expectations. I don’t consider myself and expert yet, but as long as I continue to watch your videos and apply what I have learned, I believe that I will most definitely be on my way. Lol.”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”MJ – Gold Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/MJ.jpg”]“What is so great about this for me is that everything seems to be suddenly falling into place and this machine I am using is not so daunting. You do explain things so simply and well, in layman’s terms that any novice/amateur like me can understand. My pictures are already improving. The beauty of this form of tuition is that it feels like one on one, personal, so I really feel like you are talking to me and not a whole class of nameless faces. Somehow that makes it less intimidating and easier to concentrate, listen and learn.

Being able to stop the video and fiddle with things as you are going along and run off a few trial shots also helps it to sink in. I am very busy most of the time, if I’m not I’m out and about taking shots, I’m mostly a landscape/nature photographer, where the lighting can change drastically in no time. I need to know all this stuff to get the optimum image from what I am seeing.

I’m so glad that I will be able to come back and review parts, and indeed view the lessons whenever the time suits me. As far as I am concerned its one of the best investments I have made yet. Your tutorials are a necessary tool for me.

So once again, thank you. No really!”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Hollis – Gold Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/hollis.jpg”]“Hello all,
My name is Hollis, I’m American but live in Seoul, South Korea. If you are like me you have taken and interest in photography. You bought your first DSLR body and a few lens but frankly don’t really know how to utilize your options. You have combed through countless forums and looked at dozens of youtube videos with no great success.

I haven’t gone though the entirety of the videos yet, but I have found Ken’s course to be THE most comprehensive course I have seen. He explains things very simply so that even a complete beginner like me can understand. My photos have gotten better just practicing the techniques after just the very first video. His voice is soothing and he is enjoyable to watch.

I say that if you bought a DSLR camera body that is Canon or Nikon, you are spending a minimum $500, plus the few lenses, tripod, bag, filters, flash, memory card, and cleaning kit; you are looking at a minimum $1000 dollar investment. This is on the low end, with the cheapest body and the least expensive lenses. Spending that much money and not being able to take spectacular pictures is such a waste. You can take GOOD pictures with your camera phone or a point and shoot. But if you want to take beautiful and breathtaking photos, you have to brave the manual areas of your camera. It’s not scary it’s fun and why you bought a DSLR in the first place.

Consider this a very small investment that will give you better photos than even your best lens you will buy. A tool is only good as it’s wielder. You can buy a $1000 lens, but if your not using it for the right kind of shot, and on the wrong body, what’s it really worth? What you get out of this course, is worth at least ten times more than he is charging. It’s a small investment into a costly hobby or career. I recommend this course to anyone from complete beginners to experienced people.”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Linda – Gold Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/linda.jpg”]”I find this EasyDSLR video series to be a GREAT course! It’s easy to follow and understand. Perfect for beginners with a first DSLR camera just like me.

For years I have use a small film camera and then a small digital camera, just easy point and shoot type. Then I decided to buy myself a good DSLR camera and got a Nikon D5100. Somehow

I found EasyDSLR in facebook and joined the course as a gold member. I am glad I joined and I find it so easy to follow from Ken’s nice professional voice. I have learnt a lot from the EasyDSLR videos and Ken’s tips & tricks. And also I can always come back to the video and watch over again. I find this video series a lot more worthy than a book because Ken actually explains to you and shows you what a DSLR camera can do. I would recommend EasyDSLR to anyone, not just beginners but everyone who is a keen photographer, young and old.”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Colin – Gold Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/Colin.jpg”]”I have been involved in photography for some years, I am a self taught photographer and always on the look out for more information. I decided to do your course as I felt that I would be able to learn a lot from you, I decided to go for it from the most basic principles to ensure that I do not miss out on that one bit of vital information.

I am now in week 4 of the video series and WOW even on the basics I have learned so much. Some of the technical information that I have in the past just glossed over, I now have firmly fixed in my head and photography.

I find the video series very well structured and very well presented. The information is all put across in an easy to follow and understand way even for the least experienced of photographer. It is a pleasant pass time sitting watching these videos and learning at the same time. If I can make one recommendation it would be that every student get a note book and a few different colour pens before you start, you will need them.

Ken thanks for all the hard work you have put into this video series, from my point of view it is well worth it.”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Ramesh – Gold Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/Ramesh.jpg”]”This course has been a perfect learning experience for me and my 12 year son. Best in class virtual training and easy explanation has helped us improve making our picture better over a short time frame.

The videos are well paced and not a dump of information which helps in better learning. Our profile picture is a evening twilight jungle picture of a herd of elephants we made near Bangalore (BR Hills). Dedicated to the guru .. looking forward to more video…


[testimonial3 author=”Eric – Gold Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/Eric.jpg”]”I’ve been looking for a site to give me the foundation I need to take good pictures. Piecing together info from all over the net is a chore. Now I can come to one place to get the understanding and expertise I need to take advantage of the technology that my digital camera provides.

I’m super happy with EASYDSLR. Everything is clearly explained and it’s easy to follow and understand.”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Geoff – Gold Member” + pic=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/easydslrmembers/generic.jpg”]“Hi Ken.
Thank you for a fantastic course , I have really learnt a great deal from it and also a lot more about my camera and what it can do. I am now moving away from Auto, AV and TV modes and more to using manual mode and I am getting more adventurous in how and what I photograph. I have noticed a vast improvement in my photos.

When I first stumbled across your link on facebook I was a bit skeptical as I thought it was just another course and I have always been nervous of buying anything online. I am extremely happy that I did take the chance and buy the blue membership which I soon upgraded to gold as it had got me hooked. I would really recommend this to any one who wants to take control of their camera and have lots of fun doing so.”[/testimonial3]