I want to keep this real simple.

If you have just bought a DSLR (or about to) and you want to take better photos :

  • Without getting a Degree in Photography
  • Without wading though a tedious 400 page photography book
  • Without spending 3 months stringing together knowledge from 50 websites and Youtube channels

…then I may be able to help you out.

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In Your 3 Free Videos you’ll Discover:

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  • Why DSLR Cameras can take your Photos to the Next level
  • The Trick to Capturing Unexpected events
  • The Composition Secret that can improve your photos overnight. (Hint: Da Vinci and the Ancient Greek Architects knew this one!)

I also reveal how my Photography skills were sharpened and introduce you to my inspiring new online Digital Photography Course – EASYDSLR

I look forward to telling you more!


Ken Schultz

Ken Schultz

Photographer and DSLR Coach