All Internet connections are not equal. Depending on your internet connection you may find that sometimes Videos don’t play smoothly or they pause frequently. All videos work fine on a reasonably fast internet connection (and reasonable computer).

I have recently upgraded the Membership to use Amazon Cloudfront so they should Stream better anywhere in the world.

Also – you can jump to any point quicker by clicking on the Timeline at the base of each Video.

If you are having trouble try this:

  • Refresh or Reload the Page
  • Use a different Browser
  • Get a better Internet company 😉

If all else fails – I do have a HD Download upgrade available for Gold Members.

If you have not bought yet you can buy G0ld Membership including Downloads.

If you are already a Gold Membership please email me at and I will send you a link to the upgrade page.

Also, a note for those who haven’t bought the course yet. If the free Intro Videos played fine then you will be able to watch the course with no problems (it uses the exact same server and player).